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文/ 香港浸會大學傳播學研究生 CDCC&HKBU Service Learning 項目組成員 易雪珺

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The place where Youth Media Dream takes off

Text/ Master of Media Management,HongKong Baptist University CDCC&HKBU Service Learning,Project Team members  Xuejun Yi


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       On April 6, 2018, The Conservation and Development of Chinese Culture Charity Foundation organised a total of 35 parents and children to visit Phoenix TV together. During this event, they led parents to experience the culture of Phoenix TV and organize children to perform live recording. In the end, the president of Phoenix Satellite TV, Cheng 

       This is my first time as a staff member in Hong Kong. I would like to talk about my views on this event from two aspects:

        Heling, was invited to present the award to the children and the event was successfully concluded.

   The organizer of this event are Phoenix Satellite TV of Hong Kong and The Conservation and Development of Chinese Culture Charity Foundation.


   Firstly,I joined this event planning from the beginning, after understanding the specific goals and content of this activity, what we have to do is come up with better ideas to improve the event.In addition, I was also in a critical position and was responsible for coordinating all the processes as a whole day's activities, including the coordination of materials, activities, division of labor, and unexpected events. For me, the hardest part is the coordination of the activities section, because it is necessary to co-ordinate the overall situation to organize parents and children to participate in the activities in an orderly manner. At the same time, I also need to complete my own division of labor. It will inevitably be a little rush and there will be what went wrong, but fortunately the partners around me were very capable and helped me a lot.


       Secondly,I want to summarize this activity with one word: experience.One is the experience of the collision with everyone in the process of participation, and the other is to see so many parents who take their children to participate in these diversified activities at such a young age for the children.Visiting Phoenix Satellite TV, watching promotional videos, conducting a small anchor recording and broadcasting experience, and inviting Cheng Heling's director to give awards, this kind of experience is unique to children. The significance of these activities is to open up horizons for children and add a new life experience. Whether they like it or not, they can at least see a new world and a new understanding.

       During this activity, although we have not done well enough, we can still see the smiling faces of children and feel the joy of the parents.My partners are also doing their best to promote this activity. I feel a sense of achievement.During this activity, I also saw the professionalism and responsibility of the Phoenix TV staff.We all worked in a very positive and full-hearted manner. It also made me learn a lot.

        Finally, I am very grateful to Ms. Yang Wujing, Secretary of The Conservation and Development of Chinese Culture Charity Foundation, who has been giving me help and constantly encouraged me to try, and her family. I have great friends with me, Wan Wan, Dolly, Xiao Zhuang, together with our parents and children during this activity, thank you for your support to complete this activity.

       The purpose of the "Yaohua Foundation & Phoenix Satellite TV - Small Anchor Cultural Journey" activity is to promote the "dream of youth media" and provide the next generation with better cultural and artistic experience activities, to promote their understanding of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign cultures, and to nurture all aspects. Their values worldview. The Conservation and Development of Chinese Culture Charity Foundation will continue to introduce more interesting and exciting cultural experience projects to provide more power for the good of this society.


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